Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend 08

Despite all the tornado chaos last Thursday afternoon, school finished and Memorial Day Weekend began.  I had many friends in town and even though we DID get rained on, I got a chance to camp out in the mountains.  

Here are five highlights from this past weekend:

1.) Lauren's party and meeting some new Greeley friends 
2.) Brooks and I won the title of the world in Polish horseshoes against Peter and Trey
3.) I ate breakfast at my favorite place, Lucile's, with some of my favorite people.
4.) Rocky Mountain National Park and sleeping in the enormous tent courtesy of Kim.
5.) Brooks dancing to Papoose

I should probably mention that after last weekend I am officially now on a diet.  I ate an insane amount of excellent meals.  It was nice to see everyone although I was sad that a few people were missing. (Scott)

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