Monday, June 9, 2008

Ten Things I Love And Two Things I Loathe....part one

Ten Things I Love:

1.) Homemade Cooking
I rarely do this for myself so I love going home for something real.

2.) When you wake up to the birds singing outside your window.

3.) Watching the Office:
The Office is one of the only shows that makes me laugh out loud to myself. I love to watch episodes back to back to back to back....

4.) Reading a really good book:
The most recent book I rather enjoyed was Life of Pi by Yann Martel. I'd love to hear suggestions as its finally time for some summer reading.

5.) Sweet Tea:
Sure it may rot my teeth, but its soooo good.

6.) Greenhouses and Gardening:
I have created a slight Sunday tradition of going to visit green houses and I love working with my Grandma Harms in her garden. For some reason I'm especially fond of trimming trees. Don't ask me why.

7.) Fireflies:
Growing up in Colorado we don't have many of these bugs-o-wonder, but I think they are frickin rad.

8.) June 21:
Since its the longest day of sunshine, it is my favorite, and the sunsets are usually nothing short of spectacular either.

9.) Getting up in the mornings when you are excited about the day.
These are usually mornings when I'm camping or going skiing or leaving for a trip, etc. These mornings usually involve a good cup of coffee a great conversation and getting to share the excitement with someone else.

10.) Good dreams that I remember.
In one I dunked a basketball. That was a good dream.

Two Things I Loathe:

1.) Finding a new place to live:
If anyone has any grand ideas let me know.

2.) Thinking about finding a new place to live:
If anyone has any grand ideas let me know.

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