Friday, September 19, 2008

What A WEEK!

Just an update... Bojangles is still missing. I've had very little sleep this week, to make things worse there is a cat that looks very similar (but is not) to Bojangles and runs around my house at night.

The softball team lost both of its games this week so far.

I had my first student tell me "F*ck you!" today when I showed my class a movie and he decided to make animals on the screen and I told him he'd lost his movie privileges for the year. (seriously...I didn't realize we even had to have "history channel privileges")

I don't want to complain much but I'm not even looking forward to going home on this Friday evening because I'll just sit on the porch and wait for Bojangles to not show up or I'll walk around the area... AGAIN. I guess its black Friday. Surprisingly I'm not in that bad of a mood according to my students who have reminded me how well I've done despite the week. (Thank you my favorite 15 year olds) Days like this I always recite the Strange Wind poem by Silverstein.

A Strange Wind
by Shel Silverstein
What a strange wind it was today
Whistlin and whirlin and scurlin away
Like a worried old woman with so much to say.
What a strange wind it was today.
What a strange wind it was today.
Cool and clear from a sky so grey
And my hat stayed on but my head blew away
What a strange wind it was today

If anyone is wondering... I'll be on my porch with a glass or tea (or something stronger) reading, waiting for Bo this weekend.

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