Sunday, October 12, 2008

Loree Smith Day on Columbus Day

I suppose that most people who go to the Olympics get some sort of hometown recognition but it was fun to participate in Loree's...EVEN though she's from Julesburg and I'm from Haxtun (no one knows or cares what that means unless we're speaking of high school athletics 10 years ago)

The talk she gave about the Olympics was great. I would just like to add that she grossly underestimated the money that it takes to be a world-class athlete. Unfortunately throwers do not live glamorous lives because of this reason. I don't want to even begin to think about what Loree would be making per year if she had been a six time All-American and held a NCAA collegiate record in football (Heisman candidate perhaps? Ok, I started thinking about it.)

Next question I got asked that I should address...Why didn't I go on and try to compete? It was mostly the money factor, I needed a job and I got one. In addition, although I was a decent thrower, I still hadn't hit some major marks that would have pushed me to think more about that next level. Currently, I am living it up and to me, I'm still in the game. Coaching is not quite as fun as doing it yourself, but I get to be active with my passion and I don't have to work on "getting my foot down in four" and such anymore. Plus I really do like the throwers I'm "helping." ;) Loree might tell you I punked out, in a way maybe she's right, but I'm ok with my decision.

Finally, I'm sure if anyone has questions about her adventures and would rather not hear them secondhand from me, she'd share. And if you are in Northeastern CO you could go to her pep rally tomorrow at Sedgwick CO High School.

Here is the Julesburg Advocate article about her.

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