Thursday, October 16, 2008

Miss Scone Master

Most people who know me, know I get on "kicks." Over the years I have learned to crochet, knit, quilt, you name it. (And it's not all house lady stuff either I might add.) I have a very addictive behavior (three volleyball leagues???)I suppose most athletes do. Most recently, I've taken to making scones.

It all started at Starbucks with their ridiculously expensive pastries that I thought I could make myself, only better (this is the same reason I started knitting.."I can do it better.") Thus my inaugural pumpkin scone. Second came whole wheat lemon-poppy seed scones. Then my most recent attempt, and still in the oven, caramel apple scones. (I'll let you know) My next idea, inspired by my favorite coffee drink, white chocolate mocha with cinnamon scones. I'm also thinking up one with coconut milk. Starbucks scones are dead to me.

If you laugh at me I will not share.

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