Monday, October 27, 2008

My First Offer

Today me and my trusty Realtor, Brian Trainor (who is AWESOME) put in my first offer on my first house of my life. SCARY. I really like the house and its in an amazing location. Just yesterday, there was an article in the paper about the street that its on. Only one problem...

Other people must have had the same eye for the little dinky purple people eater house and there were a ton of other bids on it.

More than likely I will not get the house. There are a ton of people who could just pay cash for what they are asking for my cute little want-to-be future home and I of course at 27 years of age need my dad to help me out. BUT I don't think anyone could put the heart into it like I could and my ideas for its s-l-o-w transformation are SECOND TO NONE. I'm pretty handy too. I like to pretend I am anyway which usually works out just the same, just not as pretty.

It has to be a good house. The porch swing held up Brian. ;)Please cross your fingers that my "max and final offer" plus a little luck, trumps all the other not as cool as me "Purple People Eater" bids.

PS I wonder if my grandpa would laugh at the whole color thing. I used to ask him his favorite color and he would always ask me, "On what?" I on the other hand would, without hesitation, always answer, "purple." On second though I don't have to wonder if he'd laugh, I know he would.

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