Thursday, January 8, 2009

Still Making Progress on My House!

I was pretty excited to come home and work on my house tonight. I'm getting settled bit by bit all the while trying to keep caught up on laundry etc from my first week back to school.

Tonight I painted the ceiling and trim in Bedroom #2. I even got the accent wall painted. So far I've been really pleased with all the colors I chose, which I might add is a mighty hard task. I really like the kitchen color, "imperial gray" by Benjamin Moore and the color I just put on the wall tonight "mountain ridge" is just the right shade of purple... I had to paint something purple.

Tomorrow night my goal is to try to get the rest of Bedroom 2 done. I'm not going to try to tackle the rest of the kitchen until this weekend when the only break I'm going to take is my full-moon night snowshoe excursion. (More on this to come.)

With my housewarming/birthday party less than a month away I have my work cut out for me, especially with track competitions starting and my volleyball leagues once again in full swing. (One of my leagues is only THREE blocks from my house. THREE BLOCKS!!!) I hope everyone doesn't expect this place to be done, the windows are going to take a lot of work and don't forget the million layers of wallpaper I've been working on. It should be painted though, and clean.

I think I've successfully drugged Bojangles with the paint fumes again...he's running laps around the house being speedy-go-jangles. He's been doing this for at least 10 minutes now.

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