Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Purchase

The following is a picture of my new neti pot. For those of you who don't know what a "neti" pot is, another title on the label was NASAL CLEANSING POT. It seems that over the past 48 hours my nose has turned into a mucus production device (and a very efficient one at that) Coach Karim (sprints coach with me at UNC) swears by the thing so I found one that was an acceptable price and rushed home to POUR SALT WATER THROUGH ONE NOSTIL AND WATCH THE WATER AND MUCUS FLOW OUT THE OTHER. Then as if that wasn't gross enough (granted I COULD breath) I did it again to the other side.

So one hour later, here I sit with my new best buddy, Neti. I did purposely leave the cup of tea in the picture so that you could see my OTHER buddy, my tea cup, that at the present time is keeping the mucus fueled and me off my death bed.

I'm confident I'll feel fine in a few days, but I am wondering if it would be rude to bring Neti to work with me. (Consider yourself lucky you didn't get a picture of the mucus.

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