Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Peas, Kale, and Collards, Oh My!

I've been slacking on the blog (again) so I suppose two in one day won't kill me. Yesterday after school and after practice, I went home and got my garden on. I had started my sugar snap peas soaking so I needed to get those in the ground. I planted them along my fence to serve as a trellis.

I have my garden pretty planned out by now, but there is only one little corner that is seeing any action since its still too early to plant MOST of what I'm going to attempt to harvest this year. Also in this corner is my small lilac so I've planned around it.

I've been reading that Marigolds are supposed to help detract some of the "bad bugs" from your garden so I planted some around my lilac bush, I'm going to be waiting to see how they turn up. I don't think they are very pretty, but I'm going for function. As with the sticks... I don't have much money to spend on fancy seperators for my garden but I do have plenty of sticks so I'm seperating everything with twigs. (I'm at least arranging them in a nice pattern?)

I've become a fan of kale and collards, so I planted two short rows of the each. I may plant more again, later in a different location, to spread out the harvest some.

I think I've finally finished raking my lawn, although the war against the dandelions is still going strong.

I've been reading some on companion gardening and I think I would like to do a lot more reading on this. If anyone has any tips, send them my way!

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