Monday, April 20, 2009

Rhubarb Week

I'm about to have a bunch of rhubarb ready for consumption. This is a problem because I have never cooked/baked with rhubarb! My dad said he's not a fan so I guess I won't be pawning it off on him but I personally have had some pretty tasty dishes.

In honor of Virginia, the old lady who used to live in my house, whose plants I will be reaping the harvest, I am going to post a new recipe everyday of this week. It is officially Mel's Week-o-Rhubarb! So if you have some great rhubarb recipes that I most definitely should not live without, send them my way. Grandma Renzelman is ahead of all of you.

Oh, and don't confuse my Week-o-Rhubarb for me baking something everyday. I'm simply gathering and sharing information that I plan on using. Don't show up on my doorstep expecting to get fed, you'll be disappointed. ;)

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