Wednesday, April 15, 2009

There is Nothing Like a Batch of Some Good Old Fashioned Food Poisoning

There is nothing like a batch of some good old fashioned food poisoning to slow a girl down a bit...remember how I was just saying April was my craziest month?

Well I think I'm pretty well back from my death bed, or so it seemed. I will not go into the nasty details but I've spent the last two days...OUT OF ORDER.

A few things I learned...

1.) I can sleep for a good 24 hours (plus) with very few interruptions.

2.) The best thing to puke up is water.

3.) Sick days are for when you feel like I did.

Anyway...I said I wouldn't go into the nasty details but I feel better and tomorrow will be a work day. I'm aiming to eat three SOLID meals.

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