Monday, May 18, 2009

I'm Back!

I’m back! Every May this happens. I disappear. With the end of the track season AND school year, I go into go mode.
Yesterday I got home from my five day trip to Missoula, MT. (two days on a bus, complete with two practice days, two days of competition followed by a night and another day of traveling back on the bus) I managed to read a bunch of World History projects and the book They Killed My Father First (true story of a girl who lived in Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge and Pol Pot’s Regime) I had a great time, although I was pretty disappointed that none of my throwers made all-conference or qualified for regionals. The closest the bear throwers came was Meaghan’s fourth place finish in the hammer at 173’3.
Montana is a beautiful state and I didn’t mind the beautiful stroll through the state. I most definitely have added it to my places to backpack and ski.
So… what else have I been up to for the past two weeks?
- I’ve tried to plant all my plants outdoors (now that I’m finished with track this will be easier to accomplish)
- I spent a couple hours on the phone with Blackberry trying to figure out why my camera on my phone wasn’t working (I only mention this to explain why there will be very few pictures of my trip.)
- I’ve played about 8 softball games (GO wisCOtech!)
- My competitive women’s volleyball team “Sparta” won the spring league.
- I’ve gotten sick (before-H1N1 so no it wasn’t pig flu), stayed sick, gotten better, then got sick again. (My neti pot is still one of my closest companions)
- I made some Jam for the first and second times on my own.
- I found out that we do not have the funding to purchase new history books for next year and have looked for grants to write to perhaps supplement this.
- I’ve written two finals (almost)
- I’ve registered for two online classes (Methods of Coaching and Introduction to Research)
- I attempted to attend a going away camping party for friends, Dee and Todd but got snowed out and went to their going away breakfast instead.
- Created a website for my throwers
Of course none of this is very interesting but it’s consumed my life so much there has not been much time for blogging, but with one real day of classes followed by 2 ½ days of finals. I’M BACK!

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