Wednesday, February 17, 2010

February oh February, cut me a break!

February may just be the busiest time of year for me. I used to think it was April but it's definitely February. Speaking to a fellow coach Saturday I mentioned that I "just need to get through February." When she said she felt the same, I realized it wasn't just me but EVERYONE that is swampped this time of year.

I've been feeling a bit under the weather the past couple days. I skipped a few days of practice to protect my throwers from getting it and to get a bit more sleep. I think I have got more sleep in the past few days than I did all of last week. (so no surprise I'm sick right?) I've done a pretty spectacular avoiding the common crud this year, but I defintely got hit this week.

Northern Colorado Track and Field is coming up on its last meet before indoor conference, which will be in Bozeman, Montana (I wish I could throw in my skis and hit the slopes for a day) I'm actually anticipating the long bus ride when I'll have a chance to knit, study for classes, and read the awesome new kindle that I got for my birthday. (book suggestions anyone????)

My masters classes have been a bit slow rollin for me and this weekend will require a little "make-up" time hitting the books. I did manage to score some extra time to complete my modules for strength training as the book company sent my package to Georgia (as well as over charged me) and it still has not made it's way to Loveland.

Practice times, which have caused me an unreal amount of stress this February are nearly sorted out (of course we only have a couple weeks left of indoor practice) and despite all the drama with facilities, my throwers have continued to do well. I'm very proud of a third year student, Sean Conlin, who has exceeded far beyond expectations and continues to hit new personal records at each meet. I have been posting videos on youtube for my throwers to watch and analyze and I think it's been helping make up for crazy practice times.

As for teaching, my students are finishing up a unit on the scientific revolution and enlightenment and are headed toward the French Revolution. My classes have been fabulous this semester, Roosevelt seems to have a pretty savy sophomore class.

For those of you who follow, I haven't done much to my house lately as it just so dawned on me last night, at this point, I think it would be a victory to have all my laundry done.

Lastly, I hope everyone is enjoying the Olympics. I absolutely adore the Olympics they are one of the most romantic things I think to exsist, both ancient and modern.

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