Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Great Adventures in the Great Sand Dunes

For years now, I have been trying to go on a solo backpacking trip. I truly love backpacking and something (fear) has held me back from going on my own. Every summer I wimp out and stay home.

I finally did it. While I just stayed one night in my tent, and when I tell the story it sounds a little like a disaster, the trip was a huge success for me. I firmly believe that if you really love to do something, you should be able to enjoy it on your own, not depending on others to develop your passions. From working at Jax, I have come in to contact with several folks that are very passionate and knowledgeable about the outdoors. While they may be hard core outdoor enthusiasts and I consider my outdoor experience recreational at best, they motivate me to take control and do the things I love regardless of my surroundings.

The first night I was there I stayed at the Aspen campsite north of the dunes and it POURED rain on me. The second day after I hiked back to my car I went exploring in the dunes and after ANOTHER nasty rain storm, opted not to camp in the interior of the dunes and take me and the 15 plus miles I had under my belt back to Loveland so I could get in a little tubing on the Poudre with some of my buddies from Jax.

Check out my pics...

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