Monday, October 18, 2010

Reflections on Round Two...

Not many people get the chance to participate in college athletics even fewer get a chance to return.

I'm back at CSU and loving it. I'm not competing anymore but I'm still at the same ring discussing the same things that I was in the fall of 1999. And here is the craziest part. I'm doing it with the same people.

One of my greatest moments the past few years was last night, when I got home and I had a roommate! Loree Smith has recently returned to Colorado to train back at CSU! She will be training alongside another college teammate, Drew Loftin, who is also trying to make the London 2012 Olympic team.

In addition to working with my former college coach, Brian Bedard, and my former teammates, Drew and Loree, I'm working with a stellar bunch of Ram throwers with phenomenal attitudes and great work ethics. As far as a work environment, it really doesn't get any better. I spent five years loving life in college and now I'm back for seconds. My only wish is that it was full time.

Loree's Website
CSU Track & Field Website

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