Monday, November 8, 2010

All is Golden

Today I felt my "lives" finally synchronized. Explanation: I lead many lives...I teach high school world history, I coach collegiate track and field, I work at an outdoor store, and I play volleyball. (And I knit.) Somehow this all works out but it's been a big mess of stress lately. I don't feel like it's because I'm insanely busy. Other women my age have CHILDREN which puts my schedule to shame. I feel like it's because I've been adjusting to the unforeseen changes I made to my life earlier this year.

There are these snow globe type things at various gift shops (probably in the west because of our mining history) that have gold flakes instead of "snow" The best way I know how to describe the last few months is that someone shook up all my gold flakes and I've been waiting for them to settle so I just have a pile of gold.

Loree moved in a few weeks ago. It has been amazing. I have lived alone for 6-ish years now and I have to say having someone to talk to is stellar, not to mention she's one of my best buddies of all time.

I'm working at CSU with the track team. Astronomical. This is my life...I go to practice and work with my old coach, one of the best throws coaches in the nation, who thinks highly enough of me to risk letting me mess up his throwers. Not only am I am RAM again but Loree shows up and practices as well as Drew Loftin (another wildly gifted former teammate) and last week Brian Trainor showed his face to take some throws. I constantly ask "how did IIIIIIIII get here?" Not only am I a Ram hanging out with some professional athletes but I'm also working with Cathleen and Karim whom I worked with (and loved dearly) at UNC. PHENOMENAL.

I'm still working at Jax. Some may think it's a little outrageous but it plugs me into the outdoors. The outdoors are my love. Period. I finally am beginning to feel experienced and know what the heck and where the heck I'm talking about. I've also been inspired and with any luck, get to do some pretty neat trips in the future.

I don't know why I still play volleyball except I like it and need to work out. If other people depend on me to show up and play competitive, I do. Thus I'm guaranteed a few workouts a week. I'm finally getting back to yoga and I'm about to be friends with a little guy we call "the bicycle" In addition to getting in a couple climbing dates and if my foots feeling ok a run here and there. Hopefully I can start to get into some sort of "alpine" shape. Right now I'm in the "couch" shape.

Teaching wise I've been working really hard. I feel my previous posts speak to this, no need for further explanation.

I find life crazy how its possible to FEEL so much change while on the outside things look relatively the same. I still come home to the same house with the same two cute kitties, I teach at the same school, I'm still coaching track, and I'm working at Jax, which I have now since 2002 and I'm on the same volleyball teams. Now that I've gotten what I consider to be a grip on things I will tell you that for the last two-ish years I've felt life was happening TO me as opposed to me living life. Sometime this summer I started being Mel as true as I know me to be. Living MY LIFE. So it shouldn't be any shocker that MY LIFE has starting falling a bit more into place to reflect that. Today I guess the last of those little gold pieces has fallen and I could finally enjoy my little mound of gold.

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