Monday, November 29, 2010

Grandeur Dreams

I love the outdoors. A few months ago Terri planted a couple wild seeds in my head about some major mountaineering projects. Set as my mind was about a nano-second after she proposed the idea, our team FINALLY got together to discuss our goals.

While only a piece of the puzzle, the first major mission we will tackle (me and three of the most outdoorsy women I know) is climbing Mt. Rainer, and with a little luck drawing the permit, we do so this upcoming June.

Of course my major concern is all based on funding this trip since nothing is cheap including the gear required for such an undertaking. Fortunately I work at the right place. My immediate need will be some mountaineering boots. I'm thinking of the "Nepal" from La Sportiva.

The most encouraging part for me of last night was actually getting some dates on the calendar to go play in the snow and on some mountains. Sarah proposed climbing five 14er's this winter and making sure we all have some avalanche training. The first hill we will climb is Quandry which a few of the girls have really wanted to do.

In addition to the 14'ers, discussion is on the table to do Gannett Peak in Wyoming and my personal goal is to through hike the Colorado Trail. When...I'm not so sure, I wanted to sneak it in this summer after Rainer but who knows because it takes at least 5 weeks.

When I started back at Jax this summer I thought I would do so for some extra spending money. I should have known it would only spiral my need for the wilderness out of control.

At the very least, we will get out, and hopefully we will get out a lot. Plus I'll get to spend some time with some of my favorite ladies.

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