Sunday, January 2, 2011

Let's Roll Lucky 2011!

 I would say honestly that the conclusion of 2010 just happened for me.  No real over thinking of events that transpired, it just came and went.  In fact, it was only when someone pointed out to me that the decade was ending did I realize what was going on.  I spent the rest of the day thinking about how great the 90's were as a decade and still gave little thought to 00-10.  I for the first time since I can remember, went to bed BEFORE MIDNIGHT and felt a little joy in doing so, like I rebelled.

I have made no resolutions for 2011.  I thought I had one, but couldn't remember what it was so it slipped into the dark void which houses all the rest of my bright ideas.

I spent yesterday at Copper Mountain skiing with a friend. What a great way to spend 1-1-11, a few days earlier I shimmied (if that is what you call the death march that it was) up Boreas Pass on a hut trip to the
Section House and Ken's Cabin (part of the 10th Mt. Division Huts)  If I had to guess what my activities will be like for 2011 I would say that I will be outside.

I used to worry a lot about the things I would get done at the beginning of the year.  I'd make list after list of things large or small I wanted to do.  I'd spend hours thinking about it, reading it, re-reading it.  I'm content with my life now.  I have a great family, I have fabulous friends, I'm in a great love affair with the mountains of Colorado, oh and I have a good job (three of them actually.) I'm not too concerned with over planning of life's details right now. Having said all that, I do hope 2011 is a lucky year, whatever that means.

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