Saturday, February 5, 2011

I'm 30 Ya'll!

Well I finally hit it.  The big 3-0.  Truth be told I'm not the least bit concerned about it.  I'm sorry I have no mental breakdown to report.  These past few years have been pretty awesome and so if my 30's are anything like my 20's I'll be just fine.

I set a bunch of goals I wanted to achieve by 30.  I know that I didn't get all of them.  I'm still looking for my first international trip, let a lone live outside the country like I said I wanted to do for a bit before I turned 30.  I also planned to have my Master's degree by 30 and will probably miss that mark as well (even though I'm working on fact I'm procrastinating it right this very moment)

So what are my goals for the next 10 years.  I was asked recently what I wanted to achieve in the next five and I hadn't hardly thought of it. Here are a few for the next ten years....

- Climb Denali (I mean... why not)
- Write a book (I mean....why not)
- Finish a PhD (yep I said it, before I even have my Master's)
- Find someone to Love and that LOVES me too. (and not just any shmuck either...AND is ok with cats and my roommate..HA!)
- Make this house of mine my home. (At least keep working at it.  I really do love it)
- I would like to knit a sweater (and be lucky enough for it to fit.)
- Travel outside the United States.  (I will get there.  If not this year, then I will when I sponsor a bunch of highschool kids to Ireland in a few summer)

Ok I'm four days in, better get cracking.

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Anonymous said...

Ah 30, Enjoy the next ten years they will go by fast as well. 39 bothered me the most as I couldn't believe I was about to turn 40.