Saturday, July 23, 2011


Today is the day my Grandpa Alfred Renzelman turns 88!

Today when we asked if he felt 88 he said, "maybe in my bones but in my spirit I feel 38."  I'm not sure if his spirit has ever been over 18!

Over MY years spent with Grandpa are many memories of county fairs.  It seems for most of my youth, these late July days brought showing some sort of animal (pigs, chickens, and my beloved dairy heifers) at the Phillips County Fair in Holyoke, CO.  Grandpa and I did pretty well, one year after winning champion showman in the Dairy category I got to be in the "Round Robin" category.  I was very prepared to show a brown swiss, but I didn't know much about showing goats.  To this day he still calls me his "Dairy Princess"  As much as I remember the dairy part of the fair I also remember getting pie al a Mode at lunch.   Looking back now, I can only imagine how many hours he spent lining everything up for me to show those heifers!  Not just any grandpa will run out and help you buy a bucket calf.  I got two!  (He even let me drive his pickup around the pasture!) These are very special memories for me because I these were times it was really just grandpa and I.  That's pretty much any kid's dream.

As I've gotten older I've had many conversations about academics with my grandfather and he's always willing to help with ANYTHING to help me be a good educator.  I know he hasn't just helped me.  In our family we have no less than six educators, whether directly or indirectly, I have no doubt his guidance has had something to do with that!

I told him today we should have bought him a plane ticket to Germany...he thought he'd of got in too much trouble.  Maybe that's what we'll do for 90!

Happy Birthday Grandpa Renzelman!  We love you very very very much!

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