Tuesday, January 10, 2012

12 Things for my 2012

1.) Rehab my ankle. Including complete a periodization of training for base fitness, skiing, then mountaineering.
2.) Climb Gannett (still)
3.) Build and sleep in an igloo. (still)
4.) Give my chickens a cooler home.
5.) Build a raised bed garden
6.) Climb 3 14ers and 3 13ers (2 winter ascents)
7.) obtain my Search 2, Rescue 1 and Snow 1 ratings for SAR
8.) get my WFR and Avy 1
9.) check into getting another pup
10.)Get rid of more than I acquire
11.) knit 12 hats 2 pair of socks and 1 sweater.
12.) begin an annual camping weekend for my favorite females. Steph Jess, T, and my mom.

Ok I thought of a few more... I'd also like to eat my leftovers, ride my bike more, and take my lunch to work everyday, or at least as much as possible.

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