Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mel the Mountain Athlete

Every step I take I feel.  Not because of my ankle, I'm used to that, but because I'm sore.  That's the last complaint about being sore you'll here from me.  I've dedicated January to being sore. It seems harsh but after four months of the "couch workout" I'm out of shape, a bit chunky (a lot chunky), and realizing that in order to do anything this summer that involves climbing, climbing, or climbing I need to get my act together and now.

I've started the Mountain Athlete workouts.  They are definitely challenging, but I like the fact that I'm not writing my own workouts.  I've discovered that these workouts favor free weights so these aren't your Kardashian fashionista/frat boy type of workouts. (For those in Fort Collins think Miramont NORTH not Miramont Central) It's a three day week schedule which is perfect for me and I think when I get going it will be perfect to throw a active rest day or two of yoga into the mix.  

 Mountain Athlete is "the premier training gym in the world for mountaineers, climbers, big mountain skiers, adventure racers, snowboarders, professional snowmobile racers, explorers and alpinists."  I don't necessarily believe that, but what attracted me to Mountain Athlete was an opportunity to do a training sequence designed for the activities I now want to be good at.  I'm not a track athlete anymore so I shouldn't train like one.  I'd like to get all my workouts from just doing the activity, but in reality I'm a weekend warrior until summer rolls around.  When the sun goes down at 5:30 it's hard to get out and get a hike or a climb in.  I'm a ways away from the ski slopes. Plus I'm coming off a broken ankle  Having something to train for and a workout that's super challenging is just what I needed.

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