Monday, February 27, 2012

Cheesy Chicken Enchilada Goodness in Awesome Sauce

I finally have something to blog about!  (That's not true, I have things but I've had blog block.) 

I've been sick of food lately.  Seriously.  Eating out sounds disgusting.  Nothing sounds good.  I've been staring at menus lately like I can't read.  I have no motivation to cook. BUT I'm committed to taking my lunch to school, because NOTHING is worse than having to eat the school lunch. (Despite it being $2.50.)  

Tonight I nailed my dinner and I'll get a tasty lunch for tomorrow.  It was worth the torture of getting up and cooking, rather getting up and making a mess I HAD to clean up. Roomie John even gave it a ten.

Here are the ingredients:

Cream of mushroom (since I didn't have any cream of chicken)
salsa verde (green salsa)
corn tortillas
sour cream
chili powder
chili flakes
green chili powder

Here is the process:

I fried up the chicken with some onions and garlic powder and while that was cooking I got the sauce going.  In a sauce pan I heated up the cream of mushroom, a can of water, a cup of sour cream, more onions, some chopped cilantro, a cup of verde salsa, and all the spices and warmed it up til it thickened a bit. Next I threw some of the awesome sauce (that is it's official name) in the bottom of the pan, floated some corn tortillas on top, covered them with the chicken and a little cheese, then stacked on more tortillas.  I followed that up by drowning everything in more awesome sauce and piling mounds of shredded cheese to seal the deal.  

In the oven at 350 degrees it went for about a half hour or more accurately until I couldn't wait any longer to eat.  I dished myself up some cheesy enchilada goodness, answered my mom's phone call, politely told her I'd call her back after I ate, then devoured my meal like the piggy that I am.  

Full and proud of myself, I called my mom, like everyone should do.  I even got to chat with dad. Solid.


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Anonymous said...

Would like some home delivered! Glad you enjoyed chicken enchilada & even called me back. Love YOU!