Thursday, January 3, 2013

It's Been One Week...

Today I celebrated one week since surgery by getting on my stationary bike for 15 minutes!

I returned to the Orthopedic Center of the Rockies yesterday for some measurements and new exercises, which I desperately needed.  I was getting REALLY tired of every hour on the hour laying for ten minutes with a 5 pound weight on my leg to make it stay in extension.  Extension apparently is the name of the game in this recovery.   My extension was good but my hyperflexion was a little lacking so I'm going to really work on that this week.

I consider myself to be in phase II.  I get to do heel raises, mini squats, one-leg balances and stretch, stretch STRETCH.  Stretching is by far what takes the longest and I'm supposed to be doing one exercise for ten minutes each time four times a day!  I'm definitely staying busy with rehab.  While I feel good about all I've been assigned I feel that is only half the battle right now.  Eating healthy is a must!  I've loaded my refrigerator with foods such as Greek yogurt, spinach, fruit shakes, eggs, and salmon.  Foods that have anti-inflammatory properties.  It's a bit more expensive but not much as my appetite is still lacking.  Finally, I've got to up my water consumption.  I love tea and drink tons of it; green, chamomile, joint-health, bedtime, emergen-c, but my water consumption needs a bit of a kick in the pants.  Beyond exercise and health I continue to compress and ice and rest as much as possible.

My knee is the one and only focus of my life right now but it can't be forever or for much longer for that matter. The rest of the teachers returned to work today.  I don't feel too bad about missing minus having to use a sick day because they were going through iPad training and I have a pretty good grasp on apple products but tomorrow will be a different story.  Thus far I'm taking at least Mon-Wed off, putting my return right at two weeks and post another doctor's appointment. I think I can probably handle Thursday and Friday but I'll make that decision as it gets closer.

Lastly, I'm elated to be in "Phase II" with Larry because that means I have to depend on others less.  I'm an independent person and I have had a hard time mentally watching everyone run circles around me and never knowing where something is because I didn't put it there.  My family was wonderful during my farm stay and Scott has run around for me like crazy since Dec 9 when I tore Larry up, but I can see the added stress it adds to those who love me and I'm ready to take care of myself again. While driving isn't still really in the question, I can move around the house (be it slowly) and at least the money I'm saving in gas can go straight to my doctor bills.

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