Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Five Things That Make Me Happy

1.) Music - particularly first generation classic rock.  For instance, Van Morrison's Into the Mystic is a song that will never get old for me.
2.) Lucile's Breakfast - cajun breakfast to be exact, with chicory and apple butter on my biscuit.
3.) 74 Degrees Fahrenheit.  Its the perfect temperature.
4.) The Olympics.  I particularly like watching track and field, gymnastics and swimming.  I used to lay in bed when I was little and dream up floor routines for gymnastics.
5.) Joe's Jeans.  I finally found a brand that fits me and my booty perfectly.  Now if we could adjust the price.

ok fine one more

6.) Getting really into and completely geeking out over a nonfiction book.  I was a history major after all.

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