Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Harvest Time = Summer Reading Time

I'm about to venture off to the farm to do my yearly duty of "Grain Cart Driving Master"  I love my family and it is the most important time of year for Harms Sunny Acres.  I should be there already but health issues demand a delay.  
I am lucky enough to get probably the best job of it all.  How I landed that job is simply because the chances of me REAAAAALLLYY screwing something up are fairly minimal.  Its unfair, I know.  The farm idiot gets the air conditioner, cd player, and down time in between combine rounds.  BUT!  We ALL work very long and hard hours sometimes 15+ hours and if you think I'm crazy now you should here me talking out loud to myself in the tractor cab.  (I also sing, write my eclectic thoughts in my diary, play sunflower seed spitting games with myself etc etc.  SCARY!)  
To get to the point one of the better parts of the job is getting to read some.  Tonight I made my pilgrimage to Barnes and Noble to find this year's harvest reading.  I opted for three books which may be a lofty goal, but better to be safe than have to try to entertain yourself in the middle of no where, in a tractor cab, when chances are you've already consumed your lunch in the first hour.  (To digress... I used to play the if I was in a concentration camp and had to ration my food... how much could I eat per hour and still make it to next meal. Just to make my food last longer. I'm sick I know. I had to, otherwise my bologna sandwich, chips, and oatmeal cookies would be gone in no time.)  Yes, yes... get to the point... I chose Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin, Going After Cacciato by Tim O'Brien and Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk.  Pretty safe page turners I'm guessing.  The only thing that would make my job better is an IPOD.   Oh, woe is me, my Ipod, my last one crapped out and I have not yet bit the bullet for the next.  Perhaps working harvest will land me into a new ipod. For now its CDs and Books. (Not to be confused with books on CD  I do not have that kind of attention span, my mind wanders, obviously, and I forget to listen.)  Wow, I'm living in the dark ages.  Yes, I'm sure my great grandfather worried about his entertainment.  I'm such a jerk, but still as long as the harvest goes smoothly, I'm ok with that.  Just call me Farmer Harms.

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