Saturday, July 12, 2008

My Tractor Cubical

I'm surviving harvest! But not without a little help from my friends!  Some have called, texted, and loaned books but Jula saved the day today when she surprised me with her Ipod and a cosmo. (Not the drink the magazine, which was a nice break to my testosterone-filled reading of Fight Club) The first thing she said to me was, "You are SUCH a farm girl" I had to oblige by taking a picture in front of my hot ride.

I've been trying not to overeat on all the goodies my mom keeps bringing but I admit that my tongue is about raw from eating too many sunflower seeds. My only complaint is that I have been occasionally sharing my tractor cabin with my brother and neither of us are small people. 

For those interested the wheat is great and if we can continue to get lucky with the weather this harvest should be a success!

Even more good news is that I thought I was missing an all ladies backpacking trip this that turns out is really next weekend, I cannot wait!  

That's all from wheat country.  I'm super tired and going to go "Hit the Hay!"

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