Monday, September 15, 2008

My Best Friend's Wedding

Yesterday I returned from one of the most perfect weekends of my life. I was lucky and honored to witness my friend, Brett Ley marry Diana Camarillo. What a beautiful wedding.

Brett has been my best friend as long as I can remember. We essentially had the same childhood, growing up in Haxtun together, attending the same church, being in the same class of 22, enjoying the same hobbies. After Brett left Colorado attain his ambitious goals, we found we could grow separately without growing apart. After getting to know Diana, I feel there is no one that parallels him and challenges him intellectually like she does.

I promised to post pictures, but I broke my camera a few hours before the wedding and when I sort through whats what I'll put the good ones up!

Congratulations Brett and Diana and thank you for sharing your very special day with me!

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