Thursday, September 11, 2008

Welcome Back Mel!

I have to apologize for my lack of blogging. OF COURSE it would take a little procrastination to get me back. Its past midnight, I'm sitting in a pile of papers, trying to get caught up on grading so I don't have to worry about grading when I get back from California Sunday. (I've actually been working quite hard, I just need a break)

The school year is already a month in! I can't believe it. I reported August 8th and I've had approximately zero time to do anything else but school stuff and softball. (yes, I'm coaching softball) While its been insanely busy, its been a great start so far. I really feel at home at Roosevelt High School. I can't complain much about going to work with fellow staff member that I consider more my friends than my coworkers.

Besides school, I haven't really been doing a whole lot. I'm still on the house search with Brian Trainor, my former teammate and loyal real estate agent. I've mostly settled on Loveland as my city of choice but it still may not happen for a bit. Let me add its a scary scary thing to think about that MUCH MONEY, not to mention the 30-year loan which would put me at the age of RETIREMENT. (Will ramen noodles at 57 still taste the same? Yes.)

I'm playing on a few (three) volleyball leagues and my beloved WisCoTech softball team. This has taken a lot of luck with scheduling and begging organizers for the 9 o'clock games. I know it is crazy but I needed to get back into shape, especially after the thyroid thing.

And while I'm thinking about doctors, I should add I'm super pumped to go to Santa Cruz this weekend for two of my favorite doctors' wedding. I promise to post pictures.

I'm off to tackle the rest of the paper mountain! Again, thanks for the patience on my blog, I hope I didn't lose the two readers I had. (Christie and... ok Christie I hope you are still with me.)

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Traci said...

Hey! You've got me too! :)