Tuesday, December 2, 2008

As Per Request, My Christmas List - Updated!

Every year my family buys everyone else in my family presents. Its a fun (but expensive) tradition and while this year there was talk about drawing names, we decided to stay with the Harms craziness that is Christmas. Sooooooo awesome family members of mine, I need lists.

Here are some ideas for me. I realize that gift certificates aren't as much fun as other presents but I've tried to keep things cost effective. As time goes on this list just keeps getting longer and longer. Sorry. At least there are a lot of options. ;)

- Redken "Extreme" Hair Supplies
- Jax Gift Certificate
- Water Filter for backpacking
- Bath Garden Center Gift Certificate
- Month of Sirius Radio Service
- You can actually register with REI here is a link to my rei christmas list
- Whole Foods Gift Certificate
- coffee pot (yes, I drink THAT much coffee)
- New Jakob Dylan CD - Seeing Things
- Bare Essentuals Bronzer and nude beach eye color collection
- candles, more specifically tea lights (I like these yankee candle scents... Vera Cruz Vanilla, Egg Nog, Amber Glow, Autumn Woods, Midsummer's night, Ocean Water, Home for the Holidays)
- anything "amber romance" scented from Victoria's Secret
- snow shovel
- subscription to Backpacker or National Geographic, domino, or track and field news
- 4 pack to copper mountain
- Ice Breaker hoodster
- The Big Gold Book by Sieg Lindstrom

New House stuff -
Gift Cards would most likely be the best way for me to go...
- Jax in Loveland is where I'm thinking I may get my paint and painting supplies so that may be a good spot
- Lowes Gift Certificate

This is what I can think of for now...I'll try to update it if anything better/else comes to mind. Lastly, precious family of mine, realize that the reason I don't have any of this stuff is because I haven't found it necessary to buy for myself. I've been getting by just fine without all of it. So........... spending time with you is the most important thing. I don't want anyone stressed out at Christmas time because we've always had a wonderful holiday tradition because we are a wonderful family.

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