Wednesday, December 3, 2008

List of Stuff I Need/Want For New House

I've been asked a lot what I need for my house. I've been trying to think...and here is what I've come up with. Maybe you have an extra laying around or maybe you could keep your eye out if you happen upon a good deal.

Since I HAVE lived on my own before I have a lot of the essentials. I really just need a list so that I know for myself.

1.) Kitchen
- Dish rack (I have no dishwasher)
- Scrubber/soap wand
- Tea towels (white)
- dust pan
- mop
2.) Bathroom
- medicine cabinet
- shower rod
- new shower head
3.) Bedroom
4.) Living Room
- door mat (x2)
5.) Basement/Laundry
6.) Whole House
7.) Garage/Garden
- snow shovel
- sprinkler
- garden hose

What am I forgetting???

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