Sunday, December 14, 2008

Crazy Week Coming

I've definitely been waiting for this week for several reasons. I close on my house, (now Wednesday afternoon) its the last week before break, and I'm going to play in a volleyball tournament next Sunday.

Needless to say I have a ton to do and I hope I don't forget much. I need to get the utilities in order for this week, finish getting insurance lined up, drop the change of address form off at the post office, and everything else thats really important that I can't remember I'm supposed to do.

For those who have asked about my move in date, I'm still really not sure. I have considered camping out in my house Wednesday night with my sleeping pad and bag, but I'll probably opt out since it's finals week and all. I'm going to try to paint my house before I move in. I've even got the colors picked out, I've been fretting over a shower rod for some dumb reason (when I went to pick one up today from the going out of business sale at Linen and Things and the one I wanted was gone. ugh. Its a SHOWER ROD!)I'm not painting my basement right away so I'll be able to move things into the basement until I finish painting the upstairs. My goal is to get at least the kitchen, bathroom, one bedroom and living room painted before I move in, but as I'm making trips I'll be taking my stuff.

One good thing is that I won't be coaching this week since the throwers are done with school for the semester and have gone home for Christmas so I'll have a few more hours everyday for my to-do list.

My move should go pretty smoothly. The biggest challenge will be the refrigerator and getting my "big" stuff from my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Byron's house. BUT moving is pretty much my least favorite thing to do...even if most of my stuff is still boxed up from this summer.

I can't believe I'm buying my own house! Its crazy!

I know I have a lot of other things to think about this week, but I doubt I'll be 100% focused. My finals just need printing out, and I just need to finish up grades, but obviously the week at school won't be that simple (and really those two things are pretty time consuming)

I'm definitely not doing much Christmas shopping until after we are out of school for the semester, (I figure I'll be shopping with all the other teachers and other last minute shoppers)I'll have to add a Wedding present in there somewhere for Christie and Abe.

Are you starting to get stressed out for me yet? I have A LOT to do this week. This is going to be a crazy one, I'm definitely excited but when its all done I'm going to relax, watch Christmas movies and knit.

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