Thursday, January 8, 2009


Christie gave me this last weekend. I thought it was good enough. It seems I have many friends like this...

The Six Qualities of Really Great Friends

Really great friends are the ones who still
recognize your voice on the telephone
regardless of how long it's been since
you've called.

They share a history with you of times
and places from the past, which suddenly
seem very present whenever you are

They never give you a hard time for not
calling or writing; they're just glad to hear
from you when you do get in touch.

They remember you when you were
thinner, younger, and had more hair, but
they still tell you that you haven't
changed a bit.

They have a special way of communicating
that spans distance, evokes emotion, and
inspires special dreams.

They are the basis for really great memories
that always bring a smile and will never
be forgotten.

--Anna Marie Edwards

The last two are my favorite.

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