Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to Get Back to Work

This weekend (more the days since my last post) I went to Montrose to Christie (Now Wilson) Homewood's wedding. It was awesome. Christie was one of, if not my first friend in college. These past few days definitely took me back ten years to my "parm farm" days. What a beautiful wedding, perfect for a beautiful soul like Christie.

Typically when going to weddings, everything usually goes smoothly. I encountered a few hiccups on my trip...

1.) I had my favorite little black dress cleaned before I left (I really do think this dress is magic... I have NEVER been complimented on my legs before and I was three times the other night and I know they meant it because all were women.) ANYWAYS I took it out of the bag and it smelled like FEET. Gross. Even worse, I still wore the dress, I just doused it in perfume and slathered on the lotion. I know I'm disgusting but remember I am the one who didn't shower for at least 5 days while working on my house. No one really gave me and my dirty "clean" dress any dirty looks so I hope I pulled it off.

2.) I forgot my swimming suit for the Ouray hot springs. I was lucky because Christie couldn't remember where hers was so we stopped at target on the way. Christie later apologized for having me buy a suit because apparently the hot springs are swimming suits optional. I still opted.

3.) I left probably 5 items at the bed and breakfast I stayed at including my favorite Marmot vest and new green suit.

4.) Remembered the present, forgot the card, good one.

5.) No camera or lipstick

Hiccups and all I still had a fabulous time. I wouldn't have missed it for the world but I'm glad the timing worked out great.

The house is coming along. The bedroom, bathroom and living room are done. Dishes are in the kind of cupboards and I even put a picture up today.

I'd love to give you more details but i have two cats on my lap and typing is nearly impossible.

The kids come back to school tomorrow. My plan is to bore them and make them wish they were still on vacation ;)

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