Friday, March 20, 2009

Gearing Up to Garden

Since my car engine light came on yesterday on the way to work (and I was ANGRY because I had just had it serviced on Tuesday and I would miss practice to take it in.) I found myself waiting again in Barnes and Noble reading gardening magizines.

I left the dealership motivated and I bought a spade, hand clippers, and soil on the way home. The weather has been eriely warm here on the front range so I got home and used every last ounce of sunlight raking, tilling, watering my lawn, and pruning some of the bushes in the front of my house.

I got a lot done! I even got to talk to my neighbors and found out that the trees in the back yard were indeed cherry trees, where the sun hits what and when, what grows in between my house and the neighbors, the location of Virginia's garden (the little old lady that lived in my house for many many years)and that my neighbor would happily help me remove some of the cherry trees for his smoker.

In addition to this new information I planted some strawberry starts along the east side of my house. The strawberries will be runner strawberries so they will serve as ground cover and they are drought tolerant and ever-bearing. I'm pumped about them.

PS I'm going to get rid of a coulple of the rose bushes that seem to be EVERYWHERE so if someone wants to come dig up a rose bush...

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Traci M said...

Yay strawberries!!! :)