Monday, March 16, 2009

Getting Down and Yurty at the Dancing Moose

This weekend I went on a fantastic yurt trip with eight of my favorite outdoors women (7 of us worked at Jax together, how fitting)

We headed up the Poudre Canyon and found ourselves near Walden at the Never Summer Nordic Yurts. I hadn’t been cross-country skiing for years and fell back in love with it in the course of the three day, two night trip.

I had never been on a yurt trip before and I definitely recommend them to anyone. They are like high-class camping. Yurts are non-permanent structures complete with bunks, a stove, outhouse etc. You pay to use them and they come stocked with everything you need except gear and food, you don’t have to pack in laterns, wood, or even dishes.

At the Never Summer Nordic Yurts there are several different yurts, different sizes, all different distances from the road. Ours was very easy, only a fourth of a mile or so, but we did quite a bit of cross country skiing and you couldn't see the road from our yurt. In fact, it was an awesome view.

Finally, even if you don’t go to the yurts, the drive is well worth it. Colorado is one of the most beautiful places in the world and it blows my mind that I have all of this right in my back yard!

Never Summer Nordic Yurts

P.S. Pictures to come shortly...

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