Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Women and Sports

I have been reading the book, In These Girls, Hope Is A Muscle, by Madeleine Blais. As I was reading this some thoughts overcame me.

I know as a woman athlete, that I have been very fortunate to have the opportunities I have had. I was born in a post title nine era, and given many opportunities to participate. I played volleyball, basketball, track, and softball. I was even a little MONEY to compete collegiately. It floors me how ignorant the human race has been when it comes to the alleged capabilities (or lack there of) of women.

When women first started playing basketball they had to wear skirts (insert eye roll here) could only dribble three times each, and there was only one girl allowed to travel the length of the court. SERIOUSLY? Women have been bearing children since humans existed and we didn't think they could dribble a ball more than three times?

I understand there are serious issues with racism and but it seems discrimination because of sex goes largely under the table. There is tons of talk about "minorites" and I don't want to take anything away from their fight for equal rights but somehow women get lumped into the minority category and they are NOT! Half of the world is women. (maybe not...there are still many places that female infanticide is practiced because no one wants a girl)

Point being, I would really love for a few men to read books like "In These Girls, Hope Is A Muscle." Most of the men in my life are amazing. My father, and Grandfather Al are both enablers as was my Grandpa Harms. They taught me to do whatever I wanted to know including hunt and play sports and raise pigs and cows, swing hammers(not the kind I threw) drive tractors, etc. and they never finished a lesson, "now just remember, men can do it better" I was equal. I've always been a tomboy and as I stated earlier, I've been very lucky. Some people would probably say I'm not very lady-like. Oh well.

I would stand to say that every woman athlete out there was told at one point in time that she couldn't play because she was a girl, cheers to all those women who used that to drive their motivation to beat the rear off of those same boys.

In conclusion, I would just like the human race to encourage women to be great. And since its my job, be great at sports, instead of telling them how different they are and that women won't be able to do what men can, and men's athletics are so much more fun to watch than woman's etc. instead of a negative attitude continuing a long pattern of ignorance.

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