Tuesday, June 16, 2009

MA Day 1 and 2

Yesterday I started my classes! I am typically NEVER this excited for school, but I'm enjoying the topics so far. It was a rough start.

I checked for my class to be on the WebCT first thing when I got up. They were not there, so I called the office, AGAIN. (we are now on a first name basis)they finally got me uploaded into all my classes and I tried to read my assignments. For some reason, even though I have the correct version of WORD they would not open. After an hour or more of problem solving, I got everything figured out. (Basically it just started working for whatever reason.)I found out I had two assignments due yesterday...cranked those out, listened to an online lecture for the first week, and ordered my books off Amazon.

One of my first assignments is to write a coaching philosophy. This really isn't very easy. I've done it before and it took me forever. While I could just use that one, I wrote it without as many years of experience or as many sports of experience so I decided to rewrite it and compare. I spent the majority of today brainstorming notes. When I wasn't brainstorming, I was reading a new book, In These Girls, Hope Is A Muscle, by Madeleine Blais. It was a beautiful day and I have to admit I was doing all this from a lawn chair, while sun bathing and drinking sweet tea. (WHY NOT.)

My next assignment is to read a book and write a book report on a coach of my choice. I'm leaning a little toward Bob Bowerman since the assignment specifically called for someone who is not super popular. (as say Wooden)

Needless to say, this sort of thing is right up my alley. I love to read about sports and I'm looking forward to taking a walk to the book store and/or library a which are both a few blocks from my house and finding a new book on sports to add to my collection.

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