Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Back into the Swing of School

I've almost been back to work a month! I can't believe this is my sixth year teaching! I have to admit this has gotten much easier over time. While life has been a bit crazy there have been some changes that I've definitely welcomed.

1.) My first student teacher to train. I was lucky to get a great student teacher this semester. She has a great attitude and works very hard. It made me feel good to know my school must be confident in my teaching to allow me to train another.

2.) I'm not coaching any high school sports this fall! I love coaching, but I have consistently had a jam-packed schedule since I began working (technically I've never had just one job) and this fall I've had an opportunity to do things like (go to the hospital for the first two weeks of school to visit dad or Gus) work on my house, prepare for the upcoming track season, and continue my education. I'm no less busy, but I'm doing more for me.

3.) Work on my grad classes. This sememster I'm taking Psychology of Sport and Administration of Sport. While taking 6 credits, I think it will be manageable because it will be until December rather than a 6 week class.

Of course, I've managed to get a cold already this late summer (I refuse to say fall yet) and I'm still getting used to getting up before six, but life is good.

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