Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Feeling Generous?

Several times in my blog I have mentioned my dear friend Loree. I consider Loree one of my closest friends, and I was unbelievably proud of her when she made the 2008 US Olympic team to compete in the hammer event. (Go Loree!)

When Loree finished her career at CSU, she had been an All-American six (yes six) different times and she set two (yes two) NCAA collegiate records. I have often thought of her as a "first round draft pick." However she's not in a revenue sport.

She's recently decided to move to Arizona, and to do so, needs some financial support to continue to train. If you have any interest in Loree, her endeavors, or perhaps sponsoring this OLYMPIAN in her quest for a return to the Olympics in 2012 please check out her website!

website of the of Loree's training facility

Loree's website

website for donations

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