Wednesday, October 7, 2009

2009 Garden is DONE!

Garden Recap 2009

Since it was my first year in my house, I view the garden experiment as an experience, but since the first frost has now come and gone so has my garden.

My favorite thing out of my garden was all the goodies I used to make salsa as well as the CUCUMBERS. I love fresh herbs and I think I will add a few to my garden next year. I was pretty disappointed in some of my failures including onions, potatoes, and my pumpkins.

Next year I'll move some things around a bit since I now know where the sun hits where and I think I'll eliminate some of the things I planted and also space some things differently. I planted mostly everything heirloom but saved zero seeds so I'm not sure that really was any big deal but everything I ate WAS delicious. As far as additions for next year I'd like to plant a raspberry bush, a few more lilacs for privacy and I'll definitely plant more cilantro and peppers. I have a ton of roses around the house and I'll work at getting some wood chips put around them. My enclosed porch is still a work in progress and its still missing a grill. I think I'd like to work at my canning skills so I can continue to use my goodies as well as invest in a small freezer or dehydrator. I've been trying to get in the habit of making meals and freezing them to save time and money..

Overall, I'd say I really enjoyed this summer and growing my garden from seeds was awesome, but now that I have furniture, I'm not sure that will happen again unless I get some grow lights, which I'm not sure would be cost effective.

I appreciate all the great advice from all my friends and family!

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