Thursday, November 12, 2009

Time To Start Finishing

I have a serious problem not finishing the knitting/crocheting projects that I start. I attribute this to a few things like getting bored with the pattern, perfectionism and the fact that nothing I make is good enough, the amount of time I have to dedicate to my projects etc. Its gotten so bad that last season before I started knitting I took out all my unfinished projects from last year. I have one sock 90% done that I feel like I put a good 10 hours into and felt like I knitted with toothpicks that I refuse to take out.

Therefore I am setting some crafter's rules for myself. I must finish EVERYTHING I start this year. My list of things I want to make is getting pretty long thanks to but so far this season I already took out one hat and a 1/4 a sweater.

I'm not a total failure though. I have made one baby blanket and I'm ALMOST done with a scarf...and a hat (except that hat is NOT turning out as planned and I have scheduled it for destruction...) and I need to finish the purse I started. Whew! I should probably limit the amount of projects I have going at one time too.

ON my list to knit yet is
1. at least one more baby blanket
2. a felted rug
3. finish my pair of socks
4. 2 more beanies
5. a big blanket
6. a sweater, for myself.

The only other thing that is important to mention here is that I also need to carefully orgainize my blockbuster queue since I can't knit without a good movie!

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