Monday, November 9, 2009

Where Did Melissa Go?

Sorry about the absence of posts. Unfortunately I don't have much to catch everyone up on.

UNC Track has started full time pre-season conditioning meaning we as coaches (and this includes weight room time) are allowed 20 contact hours a week. Previously I had been going to UNC about twice a week and now I've bumped that up to four (or five) days a week until season begins (then I'll hit 5 or 6)

Having a student teacher has been great, although I definitely have not got as much work done on other things with her teaching my classes as I've thought. She is doing a absoulutely fantastic job, I still can't believe I get paid and credits for someone else teaching my classes but I suppose it's a little karma coming back from when I did my student teaching. The students at Roosevelt have been very well behaved this year and I'm happy to say I've liked teaching more and more with each passing year. Perhaps its the widening age difference, perhaps I'm just getting better at it, who knows.

I've been knitting quite a bit. I gave up on the sweater mostly because I thought it was ugly and instead have been working on a purse and a scarf. I've also recently crocheted a baby blanket and counting up all the little ones around, I have to make a few more!

Keeping things pretty low key, as I'm trying pretty hard not to get sick. I am definitely behind on the leaves that are in my yard! Hopefully in the next few weeks I can find some time (and be dedicated enough) to winterize my home a little bit better than what it is now by putting on some storm windows, putting plastic over the windows in the basement, etc.

Finally my master's classes are still going pretty well. I'm taking Sports Management and Sports Psychology. Most recently I've been reading Sacred Hoops by Phil Jackson for sports psychology. I find it a little ironic how I read much of this information on my own, but when I'm forced to, I procrastinate. It's annoying.

I hope everyone is doing well. I'll try to post some pictures soon!

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