Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Wish List

Here it is...since you asked! It keeps growing and growing!

- shop vac
- whisk
- Ski lift tickets to anywhere. I think Loveland had a deal for a four pack for 125 dollars that could be interchangeable (meaning someone else can use one) so if a few of you want to go in together on that...
- Magazines I like but don't subscribe to Track and Field News, Backpacker, Self, National Geographic
- Gift Certificates to Jax or REI or home depot or lowes
- I need to put a bathroom fan in my bathroom. If anyone wants to volunteer that would be awesome.
- Anything "Amber Romance" scented from Victoria's Secret
-The Big Gold Book by Sieg Lindstrom
- accessories for my kitchen aid mixer like the sausage stuffer or the ice cream maker ;)
- I've never met a cup of coffee or tea I haven't liked.
- I have a funny feeling my dvd player is about to crap out
- microwave
-card table and folding chairs
- humidifier
- emercen-C packets

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