Monday, January 4, 2010

Back At It! Hello 2010!

My first day back at work in 2010. It was almost as though I'd never left. I didn't have a single email on my work email when I arrived. (and I had just begun to feel guilty for not checking it...)

Fall semester, although busy was successful. I was able to get rolling on my classes and even managed to pick up a few extra credits by sponsoring a student teacher. I'm certain this semester will not be as easy adding a couple competitive track seasons and recruiting into the mix.

I would say the highlight of my Christmas break was hanging out with my niece Tessa, although I was pretty pumped about spending a day at my house with a shop-vac! Lunch with Brett and Diana and finally hitting the mountains were great as well!

Have you noticed how my life has become increasingly more and more mellow? I'm still loving hanging out in my house. I'd say I finally have settled in and have a nice little nightly routine going on. (recently I've seen a lot of movies and have been knitting up a storm)I haven't exactly WORKED on anything in my house but I am looking forward to finishing the wainscoting I started in the summer. UGH!

This year was one of the first that I didn't make any resolutions per say. I still have my weekly goals I'm trying to stick with thanks to my trusty accountability comrade Traci!

I suppose I will put together some sort of 2009 recap, but not really sure I need to with the blog and all. There is nothing in particular about 2010 I'm looking forward to but I'm hope to keep making progress on my house and on my studies, work at being a good coach and teacher to those under my guidance and a good friend to those who are brave enough to call me such!

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Traci McBee said...

I love our goals! I just need to finish them... :)