Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekend In

I cannot remember the last time I went home Friday and stayed home the entire weekend. I think the farthest I got from my house was maybe a mile and a half. Between all the weekends with track meets and the pressure to "do something" the weekends I do not have track meets I don't hang out at home much. It was really nice.

I feel like I got a lot done and at the same time did nothing so I suppose that is a successful weekend. The most exciting thing was installing a new programmable thermostat in my living room. I know it sounds dorky but it was on my "to do" list.

I've been sticking to my diet. I have one more hard week before I can start eating things like fruit again, so I spent a lot of time preparing meals for the upcoming week, which I am NOT looking forward to...


This is the week that even though I get Friday off, on Monday and Wednesday I am at the school from 7AM to 7PM with my only breaks being my 40 min lunch and my planning period. Tuesday and Thursday I attempt to pack in a good practice with the throwers because we have a meet Saturday and Friday we usually spend as a prep day for the meet. YIKES. LONG WEEK. and last week was CSAPS and the week before that the quarter ended.

GUESS WHO'S READY FOR SPRING BREAK?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BUT! I did truly have a nice relaxing weekend. Both good buddies Cathleen and Elissa came by so I got my fill of some things I truly love, buddies, coffee, cooking, movies, knitting, reading, sunshine, walks, and making improvements on my home. Awesome.

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