Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wooster Wooooooo!

Sometime ago, I made my first attempt at knitting a sweater. I tanked. I decided to try again. I picked the Wooster Tank by Teva Durham that is knit in the round so I won't be doing any sewing on it and I picked something that was pretty simple available on Interweave by Loop-d-Loop designs. I'm going to knit this out of a cream colored soy/cotton combo that is super soft and washable that I got at Lambspun in Fort Collins I'm going to line it with a purple trim.

I picked something I could wear this summer since I've been doing a little longing for summer break but also because it may take me that long to finish. I've already taken it out once but you know me...it has to be perfect!

Here is also a picture of my latest creation...one slipper that I must finish the other now. (I was doubting how it would turn out so I only made one...as a tester.)

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