Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Garden 2010

Well well well...

It's about that time again. Since I grow all my garden business from seeds I have to start thinking about what to start growing and when to get ready for this year's garden.

Here are a few changes to my garden this year that I've planned thus far.

1.) More cucumbers, less tomatoes.
2.) No Corn, that was a waste of time
3.) I don't know how much of my companion gardening really made a difference. So I'll keep the marigolds and the radishes but I'm not too worried about the other areas of placement.
4.) more zuchinni! (and by more I mean one more plant)
5.) more squash
6.) no more kale or collards. they were super hearty but I didn't eat close to what I planted, and its pretty cheap to buy.

I have a friend that works at the food coop in Fort Collins. She said that they have a community food basket that takes perishable food, I knew something like this existed but she informed me they will actually come get it out of my garden if I tag it with flags they will give me... That is an option for me if I wind up with 30 tomato plants again. (I will not)

any other ideas????? My grandpa has mentioned his irrigation system and I think I will have to maybe check into that a little more.

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Traci M said...

Peppers! you need jalapeno peppers and bell peppers-yum! :)