Thursday, April 29, 2010

Less Than a Month Left of School

It never ceases to amaze me how fast the school year goes. I got a text from one of the UNC throwers this afternoon that said he was heading to his last college class...ever.

1.) I can't believe I've spent four years at UNC already. I guess I've been at it awhile. I've even started getting wedding invitations from my athletes.

2.) I can't believe school is almost out...again. I've agreed teach the first session of summer school, so I guess I'll get just a bit more school in, but I"ll be doing it on vacation.

This year has felt a little less eventful than all the rest of my years. On a whole, it has been a lot less stressful than years past, even though I'm trying to teach, coach, and get my Master's all while entertaining psychotic dreams of working out sometime in this decade.

Summer always seems to creep up on me since I spend my spring with my head stuck in track and field land, add the classes of Facilities Management and Strength and Conditioning on to it and I'm back to my jock days. I haven't even gotten my garden ready yet!

I haven't made many plans for this summer, but I know I'm excited for it. Visions of backpacking, visiting buddies and family, gardening, and reading are bouncing around in my head!

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