Monday, April 26, 2010

Meaghan Green Currently Ranked 39th in NCAA West.

This year track and field has changed its Championships a bit. When I was in school they implemented a regional championship meet and divided the nation into 4 regions. This year they have changed things so that there is a "first round" of NCAA National Championships.

To qualify athletes must place in the top 48 in their area (east or west)

Northern Colorado athlete Meaghan Green is currently ranked 38th in the women's hammer with a mark of 180'3. It's a pretty competitive field and I'm hoping she stays in the top 48.

Patrick Berg is currently ranked 80th in discus but to put things into perspective for men's discus there are 39 people ahead of him within 10 feet, so that's really a free for all.

If you are interested in performance lists you can check out the direct athletics website at Click on performance lists.

Go Bears!

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